Lady in Lamu

After an unexpected 48 hour flight delay in Bamako, my boyfriend and I finally made it to Lamu, Kenya on Monday afternoon. When our prop plane touched down at the tiny airstrip on Manda island, I was overwhelmed with relief to have at last arrived at the final destination of our Africa trip.

Baggage cart at Lamu airport in Kenya


Lady is Grounded

After the taxi breakdown on the way to the Dakar airport, I hoped the rest of our trip would go smoothly. Unfortunately, the incident proved to be a mere taste of the bad luck we would encounter over the next three days.

Kenya Airways plane in Bamako Mali


Lady in Nairobi

Last time I was in Nairobi was exactly four years ago. I came with two girlfriends and stayed with the parents of one of their classmates from Georgetown. It was a lovely trip, complete with a safari in the Masai Mara and a four day mini break in Zanzibar. I had no idea when I would return, but when I moved to London I figured it was only a matter of time.


Lady Gets Africa Visas

One of the nice things about living in London is that seemingly every country in the world has an embassy, high commission, or other visa-dispensing diplomatic mission in the city. Sometimes this makes it really easy to get visas. It also sometimes works to my advantage when the UK visa fees are lower than the US ones, as sometimes I’m only required to pay the UK fee despite my blue-and-gold passport.


US passport