Lady Returns to Jordan

It’s not every day that you attend an event for an airline’s new holiday product and leave with an offer to attend a press trip to some of the best places to visit in Jordan.

Party for easyJet Holidays


Lady in Damascus

Walking through the Hamidiyeh Souq in Old Damascus, clothing vendors called out “come inside”, jewelry sellers encouraged us to “take a look”, and ice cream shops beckoned us with their mountains of white fluffy goodness.

Hamidiyeh Souq in Damascus Syria


Lady Gets from Amman to Damascus

Don’t believe what they tell you about Syria. It’s much easier to drive there than people say it is. My boyfriend and I had heard a lot of things about driving from Amman to Damascus before we attempted the trip ourselves. But from buses to shared taxis, private cars to rental cars, there didn’t seem to be any one option that satisfied us on both price and efficiency.

Giant teapot in Damascus Syria


Lady in Jerash

Winding our way up the mountain from the Dead Sea to Amman, my boyfriend and I started to wonder if there is any flat land at all in Jordan. It seemed that every stretch of highway led up a stone-covered mountain or down one, and my ears wouldn’t stop popping with the changes in altitude.

Roman ruins in Jerash Jordan