Lady’s Guide to Skiing in Nozawa, Japan

I’ve wanted to ski in Japan for a long time. Friends keep coming back raving about the powder, and I’ve been itching to hit the slopes. Now I finally have the chance, and I’m excited to go skiing in Nozawa, Japan.

Skiing in Nozawa, Japan


Lady’s 2 Days in Kanazawa, Japan

I’d never heard of Kanazawa before we booked our trip. My boyfriend and I needed somewhere to stop on the way from Kyoto to our ski resort in Nozawa, and friends recommended it. So we booked ourselves 2 days in Kanazawa and decided to see where life took us. And we’re so glad we did.

2 Days in Kanazawa


Lady’s 3 Days in Kyoto: a Beautiful Itinerary

If Tokyo is the head of Japan, Kyoto is the heart. A number of people have told me that, and now I’m here and starting to see it. With historic streets and temples galore, this city shows Japanese culture and tradition at its best. With 3 days in Kyoto, I plan to see the highlights and dig a bit deeper into the secrets of this place.

3 Days in Kyoto


Lady’s Guide to Naoshima, Japan’s Secret Art Island

It’s not every day I’m greeted by a pumpkin. But Naoshima is not an everyday place. As my ferry pulls in, a sunset sky lights up Yayoi Kusama’s ladybug-spotted sculpture and I know my time on this island will be nothing short of magical.

Naoshima Japan Art Island


Lady’s Lovely Guide to 3 Days in Tokyo

Tokyo is vast. Every time I travel here I’m amazed by how big the city is. Even coming from a metropolis like London, this place seems to go on forever. Which is great, because each time I visit I find more to do. On this particular trip, I have 3 days in Tokyo and I know just how I’m going to spend them.

3 Days in Tokyo


Lady’s 3 Reasons to Visit Tokyo

There are a million reasons to travel to Tokyo. If you’ve read the title of my blog post, you’re probably wondering how I can distill them into just a few. I’ll give you a hint: I can’t. But I can tell you my three reasons to visit Tokyo.

Meiji Shrine, Tokyo


Lady’s 3 Places to Explore the Streets of Tokyo

Tokyo’s streets inspire. Whether I’m walking down an avenue lined with fashionable shops or a lane full of history, every road in this city tells a story. And there are three parts of Tokyo where I’ve found the streets to be particularly good narrators.

Yanasen, Tokyo


Lady’s 4 Places You Won’t Believe Are in Tokyo

Tokyo is massive. London seems like a village when compared to this enormous city. And the Japanese capital feels intensely urban, too. But now that I’m here, I’ve discovered 4 places that have completely changed my perception of the metropolis. They’re little pockets of natural beauty that soften the city and show me Tokyo’s peaceful side.

Tokyo Nature


Lady’s 3 Places to See Tokyo’s Unique Style

Tokyo’s got style. From soaring skyscrapers to fashionable residents, the city is on the cutting edge of everything. I’m in the Japanese capital to discover many sides of Tokyo, but the thing that keeps catching my eye is its unique brand of design. And I see that most clearly in the architecture.

Tokyo Architecture