Lady in Sorrento

The Amalfi Coast has been on my list of places to visit for a long time. With its beautiful peninsula, enchanted islands, and picture pretty cliff-top towns, it is one of Italy’s coastal gems.

Sorrento Italy on the Amalfi Coast


Lady in Rome

My last trip to Rome was in seventh grade. I was on a class trip with my junior high school, and my friends and I only cared about two things: gelato and shopping. A lot has changed about my travel habits since then (well, maybe not the gelato part), and a lot has changed about Rome, too.

Door of a church in Rome Italy


Lady in Venice

Following an amazing day on Lake Como, my boyfriend and I took the Eurostar to Venice last Sunday morning. And since I haven’t done a trip-by-numbers in awhile, here’s Venice by twos:

Piazza San Marco in Venice


Lady on Lake Como

My boyfriend and I took advantage of last week’s Bank Holiday weekend to visit Italy. Our first stop was Lake Como, which has long been on our list of places to visit.

The shores of Lake Como in Italy as seen from a ferry


Lady e il Tartufo Bianco

I took my first trip to Italy when I was twelve years old. The trip, a classic bus tour of the major Italian cities, was your typical American Italy-in-a-box tour. That is, except for one thing: the food.

Buildings in Alba Italy


Lady in the Five Lands

Before starting at Brown I spent a semester learning French at a language school in Nice. The night before I left, my family went for dinner at an Italian trattoria where the owner came by to say hello.

Building facade in Pisa Italy