Lady’s 3 Must-Visit Places in Northern Sardinia

Do you have a travel bucket list? I certainly do. From countries I’d love to visit to weekend trips I want to take, I keep an ever-growing list of places to go. This summer has been good for checking off island destinations, starting with my trip to France’s under-the-radar Ile de Re and ending with Italy’s sun-drenched Sardinia. The latter is where my boyfriend and I have spent the last four days, and it has certainly lived up to expectations.

Beach in Sardinia


Lady in Florence

I haven’t traveled to Florence since I was 12 years old. Back then I was only interested in two things: gelato and shopping. I refused to enter the Duomo. I didn’t want to see the Uffizi. All I wanted to do was eat stracciatella and buy clothes at Benetton.

Sculptures in Florence Italy


Lady in Bologna

After visiting the breathtaking hilltop principality of San Marino and exploring the Roman mosaics in Ravenna, my Italy travels continued with a stop in Bologna. The famous university city in the Emilia-Romagna region is best known for its culinary treasures, and those were what I set out to discover during my trip.

Building in Bologna Italy


Lady in Ravenna

Of all the places to visit in Italy, Ravenna isn’t the most obvious. In fact, most people haven’t even heard of it. But Ravenna has been on my travel list for nine years. Why? It has to do with the Romans.

Mosaic in the Basilica di San Vitale in Ravenna Italy


Lady in San Marino

San Marino was my 90th country. For months I had been working toward a goal of traveling to 90 countries before my 30th birthday, and—thanks to the suggestion of a reader—I chose San Marino as the place to accomplish it. Why? It was close, and I was curious.

Hilltop tower fortification in San Marino


Lady in Pompeii

The final stop on my travels around the Amalfi Coast in Italy was Pompeii. Given the recent ruminations of dear old Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland and our canceled cycling tour of Umbria, my boyfriend and I figured that paying a visit to its cousin Vesuvius wouldn’t be a bad way of appeasing the volcanic ash cloud gods.

Painting on a wall in Pompeii Italy


Lady in Amalfi

After traveling to the lovely town of Positano, my boyfriend and I continued our Amalfi Coast tour in Italy by taking a ferry from Positano to the town of Amalfi.  We had read that Amalfi was bigger and a bit gritter that Positano, but our first impression was a good one.

Peppers in Amalfi Italy


Lady in Positano

Everything I read about the Amalfi Coast suggested that the most beautiful coastal town in the area was Positano.  Tall houses climbing the hillside, beautiful beaches on the waterfront, and small winding streets full of shops all beckoned me to visit.

Boat on the beach in Positano Italy


Lady in Capri

Capri is enchanting. With its reputation as a jet-setter destination, its stunning rows of white-awninged luxury shops, and its dramatic natural scenery, the island is a tiny paradise in the Mediterranean.

Blue and white boats in Capri Italy