Lady’s Guide to 2 Amazing Days on the Greek Island of Tinos

“You’re the last guests of the season,” he says with a smile. This is beginning to sound familiar. After being the final occupants of our hotel in Santorini, we’ve arrived in Tinos ready for a repeat. Which makes sense. It’s the very end of October, after all, and the Greek islands are preparing to hibernate until spring. But there’s still time to see this one before it’s too late, and with 2 days in Tinos we’re excited to see the highlights.

2 Days in Tinos Greece


Lady’s Lovely Guide to 4 Days in Santorini

A Greek island is about as close to heaven as my inner traveler can imagine. So after 5 amazing days on the mainland, my boyfriend and I continue our 2-week Greece trip with an island getaway in the Cyclades. First on our itinerary is 4 days in Santorini, and I can’t wait for Aegean paradise.

4 Days in Santorini