Lady’s Tale of Two Cities in Normandy: Caen

When it comes to travel, I always take the places closest to home for granted. I’ve spent a lot of this year traveling long-haul, from Asia to Central America and the Caribbean. But sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that places nearer my shores are just as worthy of visiting. Today I’m getting that reminder as I start the first leg of my twin-city visit to Normandy in Caen.

Church in Caen


Lady’s Secret Guide to 36 Hours in Provence

I love Provence. Ever since I studied in Nice as a teenager I’ve been enamored with the region. But most of my travels in southern France have focused on the coast. Which is a shame, because there are so many amazing places to discover in the interior. And that’s why I’m excited to spend 36 hours in Provence discovering the under-the-radar inland highlights.

36 Hours in Provence


Lady’s 5 Best Places to Travel in Normandy

I never knew there was so much to do in Normandy. Despite it being so close to England, I haven’t explored the northern coast of France since I moved to London. But now that I’m here, I’m finding enough to fill four days and plenty more to bring me back again. From what I’ve seen, these are the five best places to travel in Normandy…

Honfleur, Normandy


Lady Visits the Best Seafood Festivals in Normandy

I’ve never driven a car onto a train before. It feels odd, and yet strangely exciting. As the wheels roll up the ramp and down the long, narrow corridor, I feel like I’m about to traverse into another world. And in a sense, I am. I’m traveling from England to France, leaving the cliffs of Dover for the ports of Seine-Maritime as I embark on a trip to discover the best seafood festivals in Normandy.

Boats in Normandy