Lady’s Sneak Peek at 9 October Food Festivals in London

October is unofficial food month in London. From top to bottom, the calendar is packed with weeks dedicated to everything from chocolate to cocktails, curry to champagne. To help you make sense of all the activity, today I bring you A Lady in London’s sneak peek at 9 October food festivals in London. Get ready to indulge…

October Food Festivals in London


Lady’s Guide to 24 Hours in Birmingham

As a Londoner, it’s easy to forget there’s an England outside the capital. London has so much going on I could stay here forever and never get bored. But that’s no excuse to limit my exploration to the confines of the M25, so I’m rediscovering my love of England’s other cities by spending 24 hours in Birmingham.

24 Hours in Birmingham


Lady Reveals the Prettiest Doors in London

I’m obsessed with doors. Everywhere I go in London the doors I come across represent the undiscovered. I wonder what’s behind them and what stories they would reveal if opened. I’ve been sharing a lot of photos of doors on Instagram lately, and from the comments it seems many others share my passion. As such, today I bring you the prettiest doors in London.

Prettiest Doors in London


Lady’s 11 Under-the-Radar London Neighborhoods

One of the best things about London is that each neighborhood has its own personality. No matter what mood I’m in there’s an area to suit it. And not just in the city center, either. Some of the most exciting London neighborhoods are outside Zone 1. If you want to dig deeper into the city’s character, here are 11 under-the-radar London neighborhoods for you to explore.

Under-the-Radar London Neighborhoods


Lady’s Essential Autumn Packing List for London

Autumn is in the air. Or it’s supposed to be. London’s had mixed weather lately, but I’m sure things will return to normal soon. If you’re traveling to the UK this fall and want a local’s advice for what to bring, here’s my essential autumn packing list for London. These 5 items will help you travel light and look like a local. And who wouldn’t want that?

Autumn Packing List for London


Lady’s Ultimate London Travel Guide

I’ve spent the last 9 years writing about London. From big attractions to secret spots, I’ve endeavored to share as much of the city as possible with you. And because I’ve written over 400 blog posts about London, I thought it would be helpful to put them all in one place. As such, today I bring you A Lady in London’s ultimate London travel guide.

London Travel Guide


Lady’s 3 London Afternoon Teas You Must Try

It’s Afternoon Tea Week! Britain is celebrating all things English Breakfast and Battenberg cake for the next 7 days. As the annual festivities begin with the scent of fresh scones and herbal infusions, I thought it would be fun to tell you about 3 of the best afternoon teas in London.

Best Afternoon Tea in London


Lady’s Day Trip to Brighton

Do you ever feel like time is going by too quickly? I could have sworn I’d traveled to Brighton in the past year, but my last trip to the East Sussex seaside was three years ago. When I realized that, I was so astounded I decided it was time to take a day trip to Brighton.

Day Trip to Brighton


Lady’s 1 Day in London Itinerary

The thing I enjoy most about travel blogging is helping people plan trips. Whether its through my blog posts or via my travel planning services, I love helping my readers have a richer experience in London or abroad. And because one of the most common questions new visitors ask is how to spend 1 day in London, today I bring you A Lady in London’s itinerary for 24 hours in the UK capital.

1 Day in London Itinerary


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