Lady’s Self-Guided London Literary Walk and Map

I love books and I love walking. There’s no better way to combine my passions than walking to London’s bookshops, reading rooms, and other literary locations. If you’re the same, today I want to share my self-guided London literary walk and map with you.

London Literary Walk


Lady’s 9 Perfect Date Ideas for London

Valentine’s Day is coming. As if you didn’t know. If you’re like me, you’re scrambling for a date idea at the last minute. Or trying to find romantic places in London. Or boycotting the whole thing. But once the rose-infused chaos subsides, there are plenty of other days to go on dates. So if you’re stuck for inspiration this week or any other, here are 9 date ideas for London that can help you out.

Date Ideas for London


Lady’s 6-Day London Itinerary

In recent years I’ve shared my suggestions for London itineraries on the blog. From one day to five, I’ve recommended my favorite ways to discover the city in whatever number of days you have here. They’ve been some of my most popular posts, so today I want to share my itinerary for 6 days in London with you.

6 days in London


Lady’s 51 Things to Do in London in 2018

There’s so much to do in London that I could spend my whole life here and never feel like I’ve ticked all the boxes. But some things happen every year, so I get a second (and third, and tenth) chance. As such, today I want to share 51 things to do in London in 2018 with you. Or 2019. Or whatever year you get around to doing them.

Things to Do in London in 2018


Lady’s Lovely Guide to London’s Walthamstow

Walthamstow. Awesomestow. Whatever you call it, this London neighborhood is worth exploring. Which is funny, because I’ve lived in London for 10 years and haven’t. Until today, when my boyfriend and I take the Victoria line to the last stop to see what all the excitement is about. I’ve heard there are a lot of things to do in Walthamstow, and I can’t wait to find them.

Things to Do in Walthamstow


Lady’s 5 Lovely Ice Skating Rinks You Should Visit in London This Winter

It’s that time of year again. The days are short, the nights dark, and winter is setting in. Normally I don’t get excited about things like this, but when it means London is cold enough for water to freeze on the ground I start to buzz. Because I love getting my skates on, and the city has some amazing places to do it. If you’re feeling the same, today I bring you inspiration in A Lady in London’s guide to 5 of the best ice skating rinks in London.

Best Ice Skating Rinks in London


Lady’s Festive Guide to Visiting 5 York Christmas Markets

My favorite thing about this time of year is visiting Christmas markets. One year I flew to Germany for a day just to visit the ones in Cologne. A few weeks ago I made a special trip to Edinburgh for its big markets. And now I’m heading to York to explore the city’s offerings and put together a York Christmas market guide for you.

York Christmas Market Guide


Lady’s 7 Amazing British Christmas Markets You Have to Visit This Season

I love a good Christmas market. Whether it’s a traditional German one, a stylish Parisian one, or a contemporary Viennese one, I revel in their festive cheer. But perhaps the best thing about them is that I don’t have to travel to Europe to find one. The UK has plenty, and they’re getting bigger and brighter every year. So today I bring you A Lady in London’s 7 British Christmas markets that will get you in the seasonal spirit.

British Christmas Markets