Lady Gets MASHed in Copenhagen

With all of the traveling I do, I try not to go back to the same place twice. At least not in two months. Which is why I didn’t expect to return to Denmark so soon after my last trip to Copenhagen. But given the number of amazing restaurants in the city, it’s hardly possible to try them all in one visit. Especially when some of them are the MASH restaurants in Copenhagen.

Sweetbreads at MASH in Copenhagen


Lady in Contemporary Copenhagen

My last trip to Copenhagen was nine years ago. My Danish aunt and cousins took me all over the city, showing me classic sights like the Little Mermaid. Last weekend I returned to the city mostly to eat, but also to explore some of the off-the-beaten path sights that I didn’t manage to see on my first trip. My wanderings mainly focused on Copenhagen’s contemporary architecture.

Superkilen in Copenhagen Denmark


Lady Eats in Copenhagen

Nordic cuisine is taking the culinary world by storm. Denmark’s Noma is the world’s best restaurant according to many, and the concepts of foraging, eating local, and focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients are all the rage. Never one to miss a chance to travel for food, I spent last weekend in Denmark exploring the best restaurants in Copenhagen and the city’s great foodie finds.

Nimb Louise restaurant in Copenhagen Denmark