Dead Sea

Lady Returns to Jordan

It’s not every day that you attend an event for an airline’s new holiday product and leave with an offer to attend a press trip to some of the best places to visit in Jordan.

Party for easyJet Holidays


Lady in Ma’in

As my boyfriend and I turned off the road from Madaba to the Dead Sea, I had a sense of déjà vu. Winding down the steep switchbacks that took us from 100 meters above sea level to 260 meters below, I thought back to my last visit to the Evason Ma’in Resort in Jordan.

Waterfall in Ma'in Jordan


Lady at the Dead Sea

After our epic adventure in Petra, my boyfriend and I needed some time to relax. We headed out of Wadi Musa in the afternoon and drove back up the King’s Highway to the town of Tafila. From there we headed out to the Dead Sea on one of the most beautiful roads in the country.

Distance signs by the Dead Sea in Jordan