Lady in Macau

I’ve always believed Macau is magical. Part old Portuguese, part new Chinese, and all steeped in money and luck, it has a legendary quality like no other travel destination. I’ve long imagined that being there would be like a James Bond film, a briefcase full of cash and contraband required for entry. And now I’m here, excited to see how reality compares with my imagination.

Macau Skyline


Lady’s 6 Best Views of Hong Kong

When I first moved to London, I thought I would be here for two years then move to Hong Kong. Hong Kong has such amazing energy, and makes me feel like I’m in the past and future at the same time. But what I really love about it is that no matter where I go there’s an amazing view. I’ve taken a little (okay, BIG) detour on my way home from Seattle, traveling to Hong Kong before going back to London. My round-the-world adventure has given me time to explore more of the city, and today I bring you A Lady in London’s 6 best views of Hong Kong.

Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong


Lady Eats in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s food scene is hot right now. The local markets and restaurants are buzzing, and there are endless options for dim sum and afternoon tea. Three famous British chefs—Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Jason Atherton—have all opened restaurants here in the last few months, and New York’s Carbone just launched a sister location in Central. Given I’m willing to travel for food, I’m here to find the best places to eat in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Skyline


Lady in the 798 Art District

Beijing’s 798 Art District just might be my new favorite place in the world. Tucked away in the northeastern corner of the city, the 798 zone is a former factory complex that is now packed with contemporary art galleries, chic cafes, boutiques, and exhibition spaces. Interspersed among the converted warehouses and modern buildings are massive sculptures and public art displays, making every street a surprise for the visitor.

Rings in the 798 Art District in Beijing China


Lady around the World

A review of my round-the-world trip in numbers and pictures:

5: Number of countries visited on my trip

1: Number of unexpected layovers in countries I hadn’t planned to visit. Hong Kong was a lot of fun, though!

Hong Kong at night


Lady of the Long Layover

My round-the-world trip took an unexpected detour in Hong Kong two days ago. Our flight from Auckland was delayed for an hour and a half, and upon arrival in Hong Kong we found ourselves marooned in the former British territory with no flight to Tokyo until the following morning. Cathay put us up in a hotel inside the airport, and we started making lemonade from this handful of layover lemons.