Lady Goes to Leeds Castle, Dover, Canterbury, and Greenwich

I could live in London for the rest of my life and still never see all there is to see. The same goes for England. And the UK. Living here has given me the opportunity to see a lot of the country on day trips, and I have had the luxury of taking my time. But most Americans only have two weeks of vacation each year and need to pack all of their sightseeing into one short trip. In sympathy, I took a day trip to Leeds Castle, Dover, Canterbury, and Greenwich on Saturday.

Facade of Leeds Castle in England


The Lady’s Tale

On Saturday a friend and I took a day trip from London to Canterbury, the setting of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and home of the famous Canterbury Cathedral.

We left London’s Victoria Station in the morning and were greeted by beautiful blue skies when we arrived in Canterbury at noon. We walked along the old city wall and through a park, then weaved through the crowds of Christmas shoppers in the pedestrian zone to get to our main destination: the Canterbury Cathedral.

Canterbury Cathedral in England