Lady’s 48 Hours of Ice Magic in Lake Louise

“We don’t need an event here,” my snowshoeing guide tells me. “The park is the event. Every day.” He’s referring to Banff National Park, where we’re standing in a silent forest as dusk sets in. The snow sparkles all around, and the winter ice dazzles us with its crystalline beauty. As the solitude sinks in, I can’t help but agree with him. The area has a lot to offer, but the national park itself is what wins me over. It’s ice magic in Lake Louise.

Frozen Waterfall, Lake Louise


Lady’s 3 Perfect Winter Days in Banff

I’m having a hard time believing that winter isn’t high season in Banff. It’s in the Rocky Mountains, after all, and winter travel is synonymous with snowy peaks. But even though everyone keeps telling me that summer is the main tourism period in this part of Alberta, I’m convinced it shouldn’t be. There’s so much going for winter travel in Banff that I’m starting a movement to reverse the trend.

Winter Travel in Banff


Lady in British Columbia

British Columbia is bigger than it first appears. I used to think only of Vancouver when the westernmost Canadian province was mentioned, but every time I go I discover another destination worth visiting. On my most recent trip it was Whistler, but on previous travels throughout British Columbia I have found a depth and diversity I never imagined, and now my list of places to visit in BC grows longer all the time.

Victoria BC, Canada


Lady in Vancouver

There’s something about the west coast of North America that I can’t get enough of. From San Francisco to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, the laid-back culture and good food and wine are the perfect combination for a great life. This is particularly true in Vancouver, where things just keep getting better.

Rainbow Crosswalks in Vancouver's West End