Lady in the Balkans

Most people thought I was crazy to travel to the Balkans by myself. I was lectured on safety, on health, on everything imaginable. But I had been curious about the region for years, not least because the only thing I really knew about it related to the conflicts in the 1990’s. There was surely more to the Balkans than that, and I couldn’t wait to discover it.


Lady in Sofia

Fans of Saint Sofia had some good urban planning ideas when they built the city they named after her. Bursting with churches, cathedrals, parks, palaces, and pedestrian streets, Sofia, Bulgaria is alive with cultural treasures. Even decades of communism and the drab buildings that went up with them couldn’t dampen the spirit of the saint’s pretty city, and my two days in town were a riot of color and culture.

Statue of Saint Sofia in Sofia Bulgaria