Lady in the Balkans

Most people thought I was crazy to travel to the Balkans by myself. I was lectured on safety, on health, on everything imaginable. But I had been curious about the region for years, not least because the only thing I really knew about it related to the conflicts in the 1990’s. There was surely more to the Balkans than that, and I couldn’t wait to discover it.


Lady in Mostar

I owe my Mostar travels to a good friend. We studied abroad together in Prague when we were in college, and she came to visit me in London after her trip to the Balkans a couple of years ago. One of her favorite places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina was Mostar, a town with a bridge so famous that it made the cover of the Lonely Planet Western Balkans guidebook she left with me when she went home to Seattle.

Mosque above the river in Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina


Lady in Sarajevo

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sarajevo. My knowledge of the city was dominated by what I had learned in school during the war in the 1990’s, and I didn’t know many people that had traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had wanted to visit for a long time, and it fit well with my 90 under 30 Travel Project, so I was excited to go on a two-week trip to the Balkans and do some Sarajevo sightseeing to discover what the city had to offer.

Sarajevo Orthodox Cathedral in Bosnia