Lady in Bermuda

I wasn’t planning to go back to Bermuda this year. Having just taken an impromptu weekend trip to Jamaica in June and a vacation to Colombia in July, it seemed a bit over-the-top to go west on another long haul flight. But after the epic adventure of last year’s trip, I couldn’t turn down my friend’s invitation to return to Bermuda for Cup Match 2009.

Beach in Bermuda


Lady on the Island

This morning I woke up at 6am and stumbled off the red-eye from Bermuda at Gatwick airport. Normally that would be cause for a bad day, but having just returned from an epic journey to the small island nation in the Atlantic, I rode the wave of my holiday-high until it crashed sometime around 3pm.

Let me back up a bit. My boyfriend and I touched down in Bermuda on Thursday evening. Hardly had we checked into our hotel than our Bermudian friends came to pick us up and take us to a party. The best part was that they picked us up in a boat and took us to a party on our friend’s island. This was just the beginning of what turned out to be a fairly surreal weekend.

Raft up in Bermuda