Lady’s Quick Guide to 1 Day in Brussels

It’s been ages since I last traveled to Brussels, but the city feels familiar as soon as I arrive. The cobbled streets, medieval squares, and artisan chocolate shops give a warm welcome and transport me back to the summer I spent working in this city. It feels good to be home, even if I only have 1 day in Brussels.

1 Day in Brussels


Lady in Ghent

I haven’t been on a bicycle in years. At first I’m not sure if the old rule that you never forget how to ride will apply to me, but soon I recover my skills. Following the guide, I pedal off on a cycling tour of Ghent.

Bike in Ghent


Lady in Brussels

Lately my travels have come on a back-to-back basis. The day after I returned from California, I left for Australia. The day after I got back from Australia, I went to Belgium. It was exhausting, but given that it was still below freezing in London, I was excited to escape for a weekend in Brussels.

Grand Place in Brussels