Lady’s 3 Days on Australia’s Sunshine Coast

My favorite way to see a new place is with the locals. Their knowledge of secret spots and ability to add color to a destination make them the best travel guides. So now that my boyfriend and I are visiting his relatives in Queensland, I’m spending 3 days on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with the experts. And I find 4 places that I can’t help falling in love with.

3 Days Sunshine Coast, Australia


Lady at the Penguin Parade

One of the best parts about visiting Australia is coming face-to-face with wildlife that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. From kangaroos to koalas, wombats to wallabies, the animal kingdom Down Under is as unique as it is cuddly. And let’s not forget the birds, because the nightly penguin parade on Phillip Island near Melbourne is a natural phenomenon like no other.

Koala in Australia


Lady Goes Wine Tasting in the Yarra Valley

It’s harvest time in Australia’s Yarra Valley. The vines are heavy with grapes, and wineries across the region are ready to turn their fruit into Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. We’re not far from Melbourne, but the vineyards and mountains make us feel like we are in a different land.

Yering Station Winery in the Yarra Valley


Lady in Melbourne

Melbourne is on everyone’s mind. Whenever Australia comes up in conversation, people rave about the city. So when I flew to Adelaide last week, I extended my trip for a few days to travel to Melbourne and see what all the fuss is about.

Bridge in Melbourne, Australia


Lady at the Adelaide Festival

Adelaide isn’t the first place most people think of when they plan a trip to Australia. The city is often overlooked in favor of Sydney, Melbourne, and areas like the Great Barrier Reef. But every March it comes alive during the Adelaide Festival, a performing arts extravaganza featuring music, dance, theater, and more.

Clowns at the Adelaide Festival Fringe


Lady’s Travel Plans

I have some exciting news: I will be traveling to California, Australia, and Dubai in the next two months!

Map of the World


Lady around the World

A review of my round-the-world trip in numbers and pictures:

5: Number of countries visited on my trip

1: Number of unexpected layovers in countries I hadn’t planned to visit. Hong Kong was a lot of fun, though!

Hong Kong at night


Lady Down Under

The Australia portion of my round-the-world trip went by far too quickly. The overcast skies in the land down under cleared up after Christmas day and the weather was beautiful for the rest of our time in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House


Lady of OZ

My round-the-world trip started on Friday morning when my boyfriend and I took the Eurostar to Paris for the weekend. We got upgraded to an amazing suite at the Prince de Galles hotel and had a great time exploring Christmas markets and farmers’ markets, spending time with a friend of mine, and eating great food.