Lady’s 5 Incredible Reasons to Visit Antigua

Life keeps bringing me back to Antigua. I don’t mind, either. This is my third trip to the Caribbean island in four years, and I’m just as excited to be here as I was on my first visit. This time it’s a little different from the others since I’ve been invited for an influencer conference, but I still have plenty of time to find all the best things to do in Antigua. And 5 of them stand out.

Cliffs in Antigua


Lady’s 9 Beaches to Love in Antigua

The Caribbean island of Antigua has 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. But if you’re like me, you don’t have that many days in paradise to see them all (sigh!). I’ve traveled here for two weeks, and since I can’t see every sandy stretch I’m making a point of discovering the best beaches in Antigua. What I find are 9 beaches that make me fall in love with the island.

Best Beaches in Antigua


Lady in Antigua

“Sailing is like riding a bicycle,” my instructor says, “you never forget how.” I certainly hope he’s right. After spending my childhood sailing in Santa Cruz, I haven’t touched a tiller in years. But if there’s one place in the world that can inspire me to learn how to sail again, it’s Antigua.

Hobie Cats in Antigua