Andaz Hotel

Lady at a Jubilee Afternoon Tea

After ten days of traveling in Peru and Bolivia, I landed in London ready to settle back into my life at home. Unfortunately, I only had one day to do so before leaving for a trip to Iceland. So what did I do with my sole day in the UK? I did the most quintessentially British thing I could think of: I went to afternoon tea.

Sweets at afternoon tea at the Andaz hotel on Liverpool Street in London England


Lady and the Advent Calendar

I love Advent calendars. There’s nothing more exciting than cheap chocolate in plastic trays behind flimsy cardboard windows with tacky decorations on them.

Advent calendar in London


Lady at Andaz

After my foodie trip to Madrid, I decided I needed to cut back on my calorie consumption for at least a day. Then I remembered that I had been invited by Travel Onion to attend a dinner at the Andaz Hotel in London. Located right next to Liverpool Street station, the hotel had no fewer than four restaurants and two bars, and I was offered a chance to sample a bit from each of them. With that much food and drink involved, I couldn’t say no.

Lobby of the Andaz Hotel in London