For the last four years I’ve written blog posts about where not to travel in the coming year. They’ve gotten such an incredible response that it’s now an annual tradition. Today I want to share A Lady in London’s guide to where not to travel in 2019. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll avoid these 7 places in the new year.

Where Not to Travel in 2019

1. Japan

Japan is hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2019, which means a lot of people will be flocking to the country to watch the tournament (which is to say nothing of the Olympics the following year).

But I’ve been to Japan twice this year (I was just in Tokyo last week) and I can personally attest to how overrated the country is.

Who wants to see gorgeous autumn leaves and pretty pink cherry blossoms, eat sushi and sashimi, and discover a culture with rich history? Or see athletic men in short shorts playing rugby, for that matter? Not I.

Mount Fuji, Japan

2. Chile

Chile is another place to avoid in 2019. The total solar eclipse on July 2nd means people will be heading to the Atacama Desert to watch the sun disappear.

But I’ve been to this part of Chile and can say with confidence that it’s not worth visiting. The moon-like landscapes, volcano-dotted horizon, flamingo-studded lakes, and night sky full of stars have nothing on Britain’s finest suburban shopping mall. So let’s stay local this year.

Atacama Desert

3. Paris

2019 marks the 130-year anniversary of the opening of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But while some may see this as a reason to book a trip to the French capital, I say it’s an excuse to give the city a pass.

Who would want to visit a place with fresh baguettes on every corner, painfully beautiful streets, and world-class museums? I admit I’m going to Paris in January for a girls’ weekend, but I promise I won’t enjoy a single second of it.

Eiffel Tower

4. Alaska

Over in the US, 2019 marks 60 years of statehood for Alaska. This might make it appear to be a good opportunity to book a trip, but things aren’t always as they seem.

After all, even Congress and the American media ridiculed the purchase of the land from Russia in 1867, dubbing it “Seward’s icebox” and “Seward’s folly” after Secretary of State William H. Seward signed the official treaty. And when have Congress and the American media ever been wrong?

5. Scotland

Another place for my list of where not to travel in 2019 is Scotland. This year is the 85-year anniversary of when the Flying Scotsman became the first steam locomotive to be officially recorded reaching 100 miles per hour on the way from London to Edinburgh.

But rather than book tickets to commemorate the journey, consider giving Scotland a miss. Having spent a lot of time there over the last few years, I can say from personal experience that fairy-tale castles, rugged Highland scenery, and Hebridean islands with white-sand beaches are best to be avoided. Who likes castles anyway?

Kirkcudbright, Scotland

6. Hawaii

As with Alaska, Hawaii is celebrating 60 years of statehood in 2019. And again I have to say that it’s not worth visiting for the celebrations.

I spent many childhood vacations in Hawaii, and I have never been so miserable as I was when I spent all day on the beach.

Snorkeling with tropical fish, seeing volcanoes and lava, hiking in lush surroundings, and learning to surf are only a few of the painful memories I have from those trips.

So unless you’re a glutton for punishment, give Hawaii a miss in the new year.

7. Leeds Castle

Bringing it back home to Blighty, Leeds Castle is celebrating its 900th anniversary in 2019. 900. So old. Who would want to celebrate something so old?

Personally, I prefer new builds. The flimsier and more architecturally displeasing, the better.

So instead of taking a day trip from London to Leeds Castle in the new year, I recommend spending your time taking in some cookie-cutter housing developments with little sense of history or heritage. How refreshing.

Leeds Castle

Where to Travel in 2019

If you want to know where you should actually travel in 2019, Lonely Planet has just launched its Best in Travel 2019 book. You can get a copy here. It’s a great gift for the travel lover in your life, even if that’s you.

The link in this blog post is an affiliate link. At no cost to you, I earn a small commission when you click on it and make a purchase. It doesn’t affect the way you shop, and it’s a great way to support the A Lady in London blog.

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Where Not to Travel in 2019

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  1. Congratulations, you have certainly learnt very well the British ironic humour!

    I love this is now an annual tradition, I’ve got a much better travel bucket list by filtering these bores out!

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