If you’ve read the A Lady in London blog for a while, it will come as no surprise that Hampstead is my favorite London neighborhood. I love spending afternoons walking around the village and photographing my favorite spots. Which is why it’s exciting to do a photo walk here with a brand new camera. I’m trialing the recently-launched FUJIFILM X-T100, which has a stylish retro design and a set of features that has made me look forward to exploring with it in this beautiful part of the city.

Flask Walk, Hampstead Taken on the FUJIFILM X-T100 with the XC15-45mm lens.

Hampstead Photo Walk

My favorite areas to photograph in Hampstead are the village streets and the ponds in Hampstead Heath. As such, I start at the Hampstead tube station, from which it’s a quick walk to the Holly Bush, a pub I can’t help photographing on every visit.

The Holly Bush

I begin testing out the camera here, using the XC15-45mm and XF18-135mm lenses as I go. They allow me to try different angles, perspectives, and distances. Given I’ve shot on this street many times, it’s fun to be able to experiment.

Holly Bush Pub, Hampstead Taken on the FUJIFILM X-T100 with the XC15-45mm lens.

I also start to appreciate the size and weight of the camera. It’s much lighter and smaller than my Canon (I love my Canon, but it’s a beast to carry around). The FUJIFILM X-T100 is really compact, so it’s great for carrying on a long walk and for bringing multiple lenses to shoot with. It also fits nicely with my lifestyle given how much time I spend walking and photographing London neighborhoods.

Fenton House

The Holly Bush sufficiently photographed, I move to another place I love: the garden at Fenton House. This beautiful walled green space has everything from a croquet lawn to a sunken garden and orchard, and there are so many great places to take pictures here. Given the summer flowers are in full bloom, I’m in my own personal photographic heaven.

Fenton House Garden, Hampstead Taken on the FUJIFILM X-T100 with the XC15-45mm lens.

Here too I find things to like about the new camera. Its electronic viewfinder lets me preview my images before I capture them and see the images in the viewfinder even in bright sunlight. Given today is as bright as London gets, it’s helpful to have that on hand.

Hampstead Rooftops Taken on the FUJIFILM X-T100 with the XF18-135mm lens.

And when I climb up to the roof deck of the house, I start to appreciate the zoom capabilities of the XF18-135mm lens. Not only does it allow me to capture the London skyline in the distance, but also the rooftops closer in. I adore London’s architectural details, and it’s great to be able to photograph them from far away.

View of London Taken on the FUJIFILM X-T100 with the XF18-135mm lens.

I’m so excited about what I’ve captured that I try to use the camera’s built-in Bluetooth and WiFi functionality to transfer the photos straight to my phone so I can upload them to my social media channels on the fly. It’s perfect for Instagram Stories, which I share a lot of every day. Unfortunately, I can’t get the two to connect so I save them for later.

But when I do get it working later it helps that I have experimented with the Film Simulation modes which allowed me to add social media-style filters to my photos right in the camera. It reduces post-editing time and adds some fun style to my images.

Hampstead Heath

The next place I go in Hampstead is the heath, where the ponds are full of brave souls—both human and waterfowl—paddling in the summer heat.

Hampstead Heath Taken on the FUJIFILM X-T100 with the XC15-45mm lens.

I get the camera out again here to use the XC15-45mm lens to capture the wider scene and the XF18-135mm lens to get some closer views of the bathers from across the water. Once again I appreciate the lightness of the telephoto lens compared to my Canon. My shoulders thank me continually for not burdening them with the usual heavy load.

Hampstead Heath Bathing Pond Taken on the FUJIFILM X-T100 with the XF18-135mm lens.

Flask Walk and Well Walk

The last places I go are Flask Walk and Well Walk, where I meet a friend for drinks and dinner at The Wells, another of my favorite Hampstead pubs.

Door in Hampstead Taken on the FUJIFILM X-T100 with the XC15-45mm lens.

If I weren’t a sweaty, hat-wearing mess from my afternoon of photographing the area, I would take advantage of the FUJIFILM X-T100‘s rear LCD screen—which flips around 180° to face you and is ideal for selfies—and take a photo of us. But I’m afraid my sunscreen-covered face will be a bit more reflective than I want it to be, so I save my selfies for another time (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be able to see one on my Stories tonight).

It’s an amazing summer evening, and the perfect end to a great afternoon of doing what I love best in London. I really enjoyed exploring more of Hampstead with the camera and liked how easily it fit with my life and style. Given there’s another week before I have to return it, I can’t wait to take it to more London neighborhoods and see what it can do.

If you’re in the UK and thinking of buying the new FUJIFILM X-T100 and XC15-45mm, you can save 10% on the recommended retail price by using my exclusive code, LADY10. It’s valid until September 23rd, 2018 and you can use it here: https://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/fujifilm-x-t100-kit-xc15-45mm-lens.

FUJIFILM X-T100 Camera

This post is sponsored by FUJIFILM.

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8 Comments on Lady’s Hampstead Photo Walk with the FUJIFILM X-T100

  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos! We have just moved to London from the states and are thinking of renting a flat in Hampstead or West Hampstead.

  2. I love Hampsted, for a day’s excursion looking at the Dutch influenced buildings and charming homes. I am planning a two week trip to London,followed by a weeks trip to Oxford and Stratford
    I would like to rent an apartment in Hampsted. I enjoy reading your blog so much, earlier in the summer I purchased a LBB, I have moved into it. I wear it with everything. Thank you.

  3. I used to carry a heavy canon 60D but as we were doing travel photography a lot my husband bought himself a sony and I loved the lightness so much I did the same and sold all my equipment. I loved the fujis as well, but so we could share lenses went sony as well. Love the colours in your photos. I miss photography a lot 🙂

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