Four years ago this month I ran my first reader survey on the A Lady in London blog, and today I’m excited to announce the fourth edition. This is your chance to quickly share your feedback so the blog is a place where you hear about the things you love. And as always, there’s a giveaway.

A Lady in London Reader Survey

A Lady in London Reader Survey

The reader survey has 13 short questions and only takes a minute to fill out. To show my appreciation for your time, I’m offering one respondent a chance to win a London-themed J.Crew tote bag with a camera, travel mug, and London book inside. Exciting, right?

The survey will be open for two weeks, so please make sure to fill it out by midnight BST on Monday, June 25, 2018.

If you can’t see the survey, click here.

Thank you!

34 Comments on Lady’s Reader Survey – Win a J.Crew Bag and Camera!

  1. I found your website while researching for information regarding ex pats living in the U.K. I’m married to a British man and for the past 13 1/2 years have been living/traveling between Washington, DC and London. I retired last year and have been struggling with trying to learn a “new” city that I’ve spent an average of a week due to my work schedule. I’ve found valuable information on your site regarding immigration, London and surrounding cities/villages and interesting restaurants. As an amateur photographer I enjoy looking at your beautiful pictures. Your posts are always fun and interesting. A reader for life!

  2. Hi. I love your blog, sooo much info for those of us who love London but live on the other side of the world. Could I just add that I’d love to see some more info on historical London! Cheers!

  3. You’ve inspired me to spend my weekends exploring London.
    I take the Tube to a destination and walk home from there. It’s a great way to see new areas, and it has the added bonus of being healthy.

  4. Hi. I love this blog ❤️.You are a inspiration for me, every time when I want to see new place in London I check your blog.Thank you😘

  5. I so enjoy you postsand blog. I take notes as I read your blog for tips on my next trip to England. And your photos……..favorite part of my day, so lovely all the time. Thanks for entertaining ang informative writings .

  6. Love London and hope to travel back someday soon! I enjoy the beautiful pictures you share. Such a wonderful place, its like a fairytale..

  7. I love your posts and pics, especially the beautiful streets and mews. As an ex-pat living in Canada, they take me back to my time in England. London is such a fine city and one which I enjoy immensely whenever I visit. Who knows, I might even decide to return to live!! Thank you!

  8. I am going to London and Paris for the first time in September. I am SO excited and have found so many great neighborhoods, attractions, bar and food recommendations from your site. I’ve already started making an itinerary based off your blog (haha!). Thanks so much for being so consistent with your blog posts!


  9. My wife and I stumbled onto your Instagram about a year ago and haven’t missed a thing since. We went to London last year and had an amazing time but after your blog and Insta have decided to go back again, leaving tomorrow, for a totally different experience in large part directed by you! Thank you for helping us fall in love with this wonderful city!

    All the best!

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