I love a good cafe, and when that cafe is pretty I love it even more. London has no shortage of coffee shops and cupcake places, but a few stand out for their decor and design. I find myself seeking them out and returning to be inspired by what they’ve created. If you want to revel in the beauty of these pretty cafes in London, read on.

Pretty Cafes in London

Pretty Cafes in London

Some of these places are better known than others. If you follow London-based Instagrammers, you may have already seen a few. They’re all beloved by locals and visitors alike, and if you get a chance to go to some of them, you should take it.

Sketch London

1. Peggy Porschen

Belgravia’s Peggy Porschen likely has the most photographed facade in London. This pink pastry palace is known for its seasonal floral displays, which range from Valentine’s hearts to Christmas trees. But whatever the season, Peggy Porschen is pretty inside and out. Add to that delicious cakes and cupcakes, and this place is a winner. Just make sure to arrive early to avoid a long wait.

Peggy Porschen

2. Saint Aymes

Another cafe with a pretty facade is Saint Aymes in Connaught Village. Its windows are bordered by wisteria, bringing a sense of spring to every season. Inside, a rosy cocoa heaven awaits. 23-carat gold hot chocolate is one of their signature specials, and they even have a colorful unicorn latte.

Saint Aymes

3. Biscuiteers

Notting Hill‘s Biscuiteers might just be the cutest cafe in London. With a black-and-white facade that feels like it’s straight out of an old fashioned newspaper, this place catches my eye every time I’m in the area. But what draws me in are the cookies (or biscuits, if you’re British). These iced beauties come in all shapes and colors, and are decorated in meticulous detail. They’re almost too pretty to eat. Almost.


4. Aubaine Selfridges

Like Saint Aymes, Aubaine Selfridges has embraced London’s love of wisteria. This cafe in the Oxford Street department store suspends strands of purple blossoms from the ceiling. The result is enchanting; I wouldn’t be surprised to see fairies appear and start serving coffee.

Aubaine Selfridges

5. Sketch

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into Mayfair’s Sketch. I was overwhelmed by the colors, the designs, and the fact that I felt like I was being transported into one world after another. Each room has its own signature style, and they all impress. The one that best fits the theme of pretty cafes in London is The Gallery, which is decorated in pink and does a great afternoon tea. But my favorite is The Glade, a woodland wonderland done in greens and blues.

Sketch London

6. Treves and Hyde

But back to pink. Treves and Hyde in Whitechapel is known for its pink spiral staircase and bright interior. The ground floor cafe is the perfect place to catch up with a friend over a cup of tea, and every time I’m in this place I revel in the pastel hues. If London has a stairway to heaven, this is it.

Treves and Hyde

7. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Back in Belgravia, Dominique Ansel Bakery is just down the street from Peggy Porschen and has challenged its neighbor for the area’s floral display crown. With flowers arching over the entrance and covering the wall on the outdoor terrace, this London outpost of New York’s cronut heaven is one of the prettiest cafes in London.

Dominique Ansel Bakery London

There are plenty more cafes in the city, but these are the ones that inspire me and spur my inner creative on to more daring feats. I hope you find them as beautiful as I do, not to mention as delicious.

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Pretty Cafes in London

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  1. Heading to London in May with my daughter. We had a couple of these on our list and now are determined to go to all of them. Thanks!

  2. Thank you. All the cafes look gorgeous. I want to go to everyone of them. May I ask what would be best to visit in November month?

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