Yes, you read the title correctly. Today I am happy to announce that I am giving away two free Olympics tickets and a night’s stay at a London hotel during the London 2012 Olympics. Get excited, people!

Here’s the back story: late last year Thomas Cook contacted me to see if I was interested in making a video with them about my favorite place in London. In exchange, they offered me one of their Games Breaks to give away to one lucky reader on my blog. The video is below. The tickets and hotel room are yours to win!

The Prize:

A Thomas Cook Games Break that includes official London 2012 Olympics volleyball competition tickets and hotel accommodation for two people on August 3, 2012.

To Enter:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post describing why you deserve to win. Remember to include your email address in the email field so that I can contact you if you are the winner!

2. Subscribe to this blog via email or in a reader. You can do so on the sidebar of this page.

3. Follow @aladyinlondon on Twitter and tweet the link to this blog post using the hashtag #ALILolympics.

4. “Like” the A Lady in London page on Facebook and “like” the link to this post on that page.

5. Follow A Lady in London on Pinterest and repin a photo of your choice.

6. Add the new A Lady in London Google+ page to your circles and +1 this post.

7. Extra consideration will be given to anyone that shares about this competition on their own blog, website, social media profile, etc. and includes a link back to this blog (don’t forget to tell me about it!).

If you have already done any of the things outlined above, there’s no need to do them again.

The Winner:

The winner will be the person that I determine to have the most persuasive reason for why she or he deserves to win, so be creative! That person will have also completed all of the steps in the “To Enter” category by the deadline set below.


The competition is open until midnight BST on May 25, 2012. After the competition closes, I will choose the winner and announce it on the blog on May 28, 2012. The winner must confirm within 24 hours or I will offer the Games Break to another entrant. The winner’s contact details must be confirmed by May 31, 2012 or I will choose another entrant as the winner.

The T&Cs:

They are posted below. Please read them. They are important.

And now…

Good luck with your entries and get excited to win free Olympics tickets and a hotel stay in London! Ready, set, go!

25 Comments on Lady Gives away Free Olympics Tickets and a Hotel Stay!

  1. hi, i’ve done MOST of the above (some i’m new too, like pinterest, so bear with me!!)

    i’m @katscreamy on the twit and kat screamy on fb.

    i’d love to win tix and accom as i’m having an op in a week and will just about be recovered enough to think about going to the olympics.

    sadly, i didn’t end up getting any tix, so i’m sort of relying on the kindness of strangers (and competitions like yours!!)

  2. Thanks so much for offering this! I have been such a huge fan of the Olympics my whole life (all 52 years of them). I’m usually the first to cry when the theme song comes on (so embarrassing). I have never even been close to an Olympic Village and would love to have the opportunity. We have friends and family in London but we’ve never gone due to budget restraints. To be able to visit family AND see London and the Olympics, would be a lifetime dream come true! Thanks for your generosity!

  3. We have some very sweet memories of London. My husband proposed to me on Tower Bridge at this time of year many many years ago. We went back to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary a while back. We’d like an opportunity to go back. His original plan was to do it on the flight over but he chickened out. His London based cousin makes a mean fruit pie so my secondary intention is to go back and have another slice!

    You can reach me at annhseidel@gmail dot com

  4. I have never been outside the US before and my dream European destination has always been London. I’ve dreamed about going to London since I was a little girl, and this would be the most amazing opportunity for me. However, I can’t afford to go. I probably won’t be able to go until I’m through with college. I can’t even fully put into words how badly I want to win this trip. I would love to treat my mother to a fantastic vacation like London during the Olympics and she so deserves it. She raised my four siblings and I by herself, she keeps a full time job, and she still makes time to be the best mom ever. This would be the best birthday present I could ever give her and I would love to say that you helped me. Otherwise, I’m stuck with a necklace and a homemade card. Please consider me for this prize and I promise, I’ll enjoy it to its full potential! p.s. for all the requirements above, my name will either be “sarahberah1121” or “Sarah Sokoll” thank you!

  5. I would really like to win these tickets for my parents. They live in Essex and tried to get tickets when they came out but were unsuccessful. It would be great for me to be able to give them this prize as I was supposed to be back in time to watch the Olympics with them but I have to stay in Korea (where I work) until the end of August. I am gutted that I am out of my country for this once in a lifetime event and it would be really nice if my parents were able to go to an event and expereince it first-hand (and tell me all about it!)

  6. I’ve never seen an Olympics and would love to see them in London – plus it would be a great opportunity to explore the city!

    I’ve done most of the above .. as much as my work procrastination dare allow me.

  7. I am an English Teacher who has never been in an English speaking country! I have been teaching British English for 10 years with Oxford and Cambridge books and CD’s and it would be brilliant for me for once in my life to hear the original English Language. Also I am an athlete, I used to be part of a handball team. Now I do fitness. So, an English Teacher, at the Olympics with her husband Dimitri and the 9 year old daughter Anastasija – a wonderful dream come true 🙂
    even my e-mail ends with the UK

  8. Very interested in winning this competition. I’m very much in the Olympics as a technology volunteer; however, I won’t be able to view most of the games which is a shame and I didn’t get ANY tickets. I’m so ridiculously excited to be in this city even more now because of the London 2012 Olympics. It would mean the world to get to actually go to one of the events…as a guest and enjoy a nice hotel room stay to top it off.

  9. As all the other people I feel like these tickets would be great for me. I am traveling to London around the start of the Olympics to hangout with some old friends in Barking. I love this blog, for one you’re living my dream…I’m from Nebraska and have always wanted to live in London and I still have time as I’m only 20. Anyway this prize would mean so much, not only would it give me a hotel room to stay in one night and save a lot of money, but it would also allow me to see one of the greatest events known to mankind personally. Best of luck to whomever wins though! Support your country! Olympic 2012 – London!

  10. I live in Benin, West Africa and have started Volleyball again after nearly 20 years of absence, would love to participate in the Olympics watching vollevball and would bring my 12 year old son, who is doing Volleyball with me. I see you have not travelled in coastal West Africa, great wild beaches, interesting culture, you are very much invited.

  11. Love this blog! I am from New Zealand and I am living & working in London for two short years to squeeze in as much travel and awesome experiences as I can. It would make my London dreams come true to be able to go to an Olympic event, I tried to get tickets but missed out. This would be something on the bucket list ticked off and I would take my sister along with me so we could remember it forever. Find me on Twitter- @KrystleF

  12. I’m not sure I can say why I ‘deserve’ to win, but i can say why this would be so valuable. I’m a nurse and my wife’s a social worker, we both work with children who have difficulties. We love our jobs (most of the time), work hard and are very committed. I’m not going to give any sob stories about out lives as we do what we do by choice, but to win this would be absolutely amazing. We could never afford this and my 2 girls would be over the moon. This is a prize we could never afford, but it would be something we would never forget.

  13. It’s always so hard to come up with reasons why I ‘deserve’ to win over someone else – really, I probably don’t as while I’m a ‘good’ person (I always give up my seat on the tube, I help women carry their buggies up the stairs, help lost tourists) I’m not a ‘great’ person (I still have all my own organs, for example) but I can say why I’d like them!

    I live outside of London but commute in every day, so the Olympics have been right at the forefront of life for ages now. I was even in Trafalgar Square the day they announced that London won the bid. So, like all Londoners, I’ve had to deal with the train delays, the shops full of a lot of Olympic-branded tat (and some nice things, but let’s be honest here…!) and yet I don’t get the benefit of being able to actually attend the games. Budgets are tight and while I did apply for Opening Ceremony tickets, I was unsuccessful.

    It’s all been a bit disheartening as I work on my own for a little charity, so I’ve got all the aggro of trying to either get into work or to drag everything home with me as I can’t just let nothing happen for 2-3 weeks, but it’s going to be nearly impossible to travel in. London’s going to be full of all these lovely excited people and these amazing games, and I’m going to be holed up at home having to watch it on TV. I’d so love to be able to be a part of it all, this once in a lifetime experience.

    I’m right this moment going to complete all the steps that I haven’t already done.

    Regardless of if I win or lose, what a lovely competition and a great video!

    Thanks for running it and for your consideration 🙂

  14. I’d love to win so I can take my niece, all she seems to do is play on the xbox! I hope it might inspire her to get active.

  15. Hi Julie! Great competition and video. I have to say that being from “south of the river” I think the view from One Tree Hill near Honor Oak Park is stiff competition (its a great section on the Green Chain Walk)!
    I’d LOVE to win this competition (as I’m sure everyone who’s entered would!) I tried in the first and second rounds to get tickets and was unsuccessful. I’d love to be able to treat my very patient other half to a really great weekend as he’s put up with a lot from this year and deserves it… well as me wanting to get to the games in the city where I live myself.
    Hope you have fun choosing a winner and all my fingers and toes are crossed that its me 🙂

  16. Hello! I’ve been quietly stalking your blog for a while as I’m a Canadian living in London. It’s always fab to view the experience through someone else’s eyes and it’s also a silent sort of support system!

    I was back in Vancouver when the 2010 Olympics happened and I have the greatest memories of the positive electricity in the streets! It’s a feeling unlike no other and really brought the city together! Alas, I experienced it as an outsider of sorts, roaming the streets and watching events on TV.

    I wasn’t able to get tickets for the 2010 games as I was the ever-traveling expat, never knowing 100% where I’d be due to visa stuff (now all sorted! yay!). All that traveling doesn’t come cheap either and there was no way I could afford to go. (Don’t even get me started on not owning a VISA to actually buy the tickets!) Now it’s 2012, I’m permanently in London, yet still not able to get tickets. Actually, I should say, I got SUPER excited I found tickets online the other day, bought them, then realised the event is not in London! Doh!

    It’s like my fate with experiencing an Olympics in a host city is cursed. I’m so close, I can close my eyes and see it! If I win, I’d love to take my husband who was not with me in Vancouver for 2010 (we lived apart for 2 years!) … Then he’d be able to feel what I kept describing to him and not think I’m a lunatic when I told him everyone was hugging on the streets 🙂

    Keeping everything crossed! Either way, I’ll be lining the streets when the torch arrives in my area in July and doing my part in supporting Canada & GB during. Winning this would be the proverbial cherry on top/experience of a lifetime! xx

  17. Hi Julie 🙂

    My names Samantha and I am a 19 years old. I first heard about you from a friend of mine after I told him about my dream to travel the world. I have so much enjoyed your pictures and blog and all the amazing places you have visited that one day I hope i will be able to visit also. I have been studying in Spain since September. I came alone from the states on my own money and scholarships not knowing one word of Spanish expect for maybe hola and I can tell you it has been the best experience of my life learning and growing as a person and getting different aspects and opinions on a different culture in a different language. After my mom passed away 2 years ago, I swore to myself that I would never waste time and always live in the now. I am now fluent in Spanish and it has been the best decision I have ever made to come to Europe. This summer I am broadening my boundaries and am traveling for about 2 months straight and alone all throughout Europe. Although I have always wanted to go to London after all the wonderful things my mom told be about it, I wont be able to visit there during my 2 months traveling because of the cost of hotels. Although, I will be very close traveling in that proximity. I remember watching the Olympics with my parents my whole life and couldnt even imagine what it would be like to actually see it in person and to tell my family about it when i go back home. It would be such a great experience. After I am done traveling I will go back to Arizona and finish my 2 majors in Nutrition and Spanish and dont know if I will have an opportunity like this for a very long time. There are so many deserving people for this gift and I am surely not the only one that would enjoy it! Again, thank you so much for all of your inspirational blogs and pictures. Your experiences will help me in my own journey around Europe.

  18. Sadly, don’t use Facebook, nor Pinterest. Don’t use google+ but I have followed you on twitter 😉

    And why me? We’ll I’ll make a video clip of the experience, from the hotel to the games, then distribute it via my video blog (@Implausibleblog) – with the added bonus of giving you and TC credit 😉

  19. Hey lady, Im going to be honest with you, this is the first time that Im coming into your blog, sorry about that, Im not into blogs very much, but I read it and I love what you do. I will be consice and speak from the heart. Im traveling to England for the very first time in my life, I wanted this so badly since I can remember, but money was always an issue for me, I am from Ecuador and the first time that I tried to go was when I was living in Argentina in 2009, I applied for an scholarship to study in Westminster but I was denied, so I applied again in 2010 but, gues what? denied again so I got tired of trying to go as a student and then found a job where I can travel, so I got one, a photographer in a cruise ship, so I was asking for a ship to go to Europe and England, but guess again? didn’t have one, so its been a year that Im on ships just doing the caribbean, bermuda and the States, oh no! I am not complaining, thanx to this job I met so many places and people and I feel in love as well, but that is for a different story, so I finish working in the cruise ship in march and came back to Ecuador and finally applying for a visa to the UK, and I was granted one!!! image my joy, but then I realize that the money I had wash´t enough, so Im stuck in my country trying to do everything that I can to collect the money to go to England. Right now I have a lot of stress since I don´t know if I will make it in time or not. I forgot to mention that one of the main reasons that I want to go is because i love English music, and particularly the band named KEANE so since 2004 I imagine going to a concert in their country, maybe it sounds weird, but I think life is all about creepy, doing things that nobody else understands but deep down in your heart, you do, you feel that is the right choice.
    A lot of people have told me to wait another year and trying to go with more money, maybe they are right, but I know I have to be there this summer, why it has been so complicated for me, and so easy for other people?. money counts, yes!, visa counts because is not like I can travel all around the globe with my nationality, but most important, DREAMS counts, dreams becoming true, so one day I go back and said, I had a dream, to go to London, and walking near Picadilly Circus, taking pictures in Abbey Road, going to that summer festival in Hyde Park, learning that culture that I always though is part of me.
    Well that is me, you will see I have a passion for photography and traveling, would you help this crazy lady with a nice dream becoming true? be my fairy :).
    p.d.: this is the link of the au pair profile that I create to find jobs in London, so its all true.

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