My mother’s last trip to London was 20 years ago. The food was British, the weather was hot, and Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my mother was toting around two children that were wholly uninterested in seeing London, one of whom (guess who?) fell asleep in the middle of a trip to the British Museum.

Fast forward 20 years. London has changed a lot since the 1980’s. The food is much improved, the weather is slightly cooler, and–wait…who’s the guy that replaced Tony Blair? oh right–Gordon Brown is prime minister. Believe it or not, the two unwieldy children have changed a bit too. The child that fell asleep next to the three-thousand-year-old mummy in London’s greatest plunder room could even be said to enjoy exploring new places.

Needless to say, my mother’s recent visit to London was different from her previous one. With her boundless energy and my ability to use public transport and the Internet, we found an abundance of experiences to enjoy in London. In brief…

Day 1:

– Quick tour of Hampstead

Buildings in Hampstead London

– Tea at Gail’s

Day 2:

– Day trip to Bath

Fountain in the Pump Rooms in Bath England

Day 3:

– Columbia Road Flower Market

Flowers at the Columbia Road Flower Market in London

– Spitalfields Market

– Borough Market

– Holly Bush pub

Day 4:

– Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace in London

– Tate Modern

Day 5:

– Churchill Museum and War Rooms

– Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey in London

– Tea at Daylesford Organic

Day 6:

– Victoria & Albert Museum

– Harrods

Day 7:

– British Museum

Day 8:

– Day trip to Oxford to visit a close family friend

Alice in Wonderland Shop in Oxford England

Day 9:

– We intended to explore Hampstead on my mother’s last day, but unfortunately I was struck down by a virulent strain of the Great Plague of 1666. I spent most of the day curled up on the sofa while my mother made me toast and tea. My boyfriend took her on a nice walk through Hampstead Heath in the afternoon, and we spent a quiet evening at home.

Even with all of the exploring my mother and I did this week there were still lots of things we didn’t get to see. Hopefully it won’t take another 20 years before she finds her way back to London, and hopefully London will be even better then than it is now.

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