I feel like I’ve been traveling non-stop lately. Last weekend I flew to the east coast for three days with my boyfriend. Our first stop was rural southern Maryland to visit his hometown of La Plata.

While he describes the town in rather bleak terms, I thought it was beautiful. There was a lot of open space and trees, creeks, and hillsides. One of the highlights was going to the bay one evening to eat our fill of crabs at Captn John’s Crab House. Maryland blue crabs are smaller than our west coast dungeness crabs, but they have great flavor and taste amazing with Old Bay seasoning and vinegar.

Our second stop for the weekend was Washington, D.C., where my boyfriend gave me a tour of the University of Maryland, his alma mater, and where we met up with friends in Arlington. The most bizarre part of the trip was when we stepped off the metro on our way to Belga Cafe and ran into a friend we worked with in Paris. He lives about ten minutes away from me at home but I haven’t seen him in a year and a half. It was surreal to run into him all the way across the country.

Who knows, maybe I will run into him in London too!

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