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Lady at Rivea

When the Bulgari Hotel opened in London, it was met with a lot of fanfare. After all, it’s not every day that one of the world’s most luxurious fashion brands launches a hotel. But the opening didn’t catch my attention nearly as much as the launch of its brand new restaurant, Rivea. Not least because the chef is the legendary Alain Ducasse.

Rivea Restaurant at the Bulgari Hotel in London


Lady at the Pub

Have you ever wondered what people around the world are doing at the the exact moment you’re doing something? When it’s 4pm on Saturday in London, I wonder if people in San Francisco are waking up to their morning coffee, and if others in Seoul are out dancing all night. My friend Jessica wondered this, too, and came up with the idea of having four bloggers around the world write about what they’re doing at an exact moment in time. This is that moment.

Fish and Chips in London


Lady at Marcus

The only thing happening faster than the pace of new restaurant openings in London is the pace of big changes at existing restaurants. From new menus to new chefs, the city is never satisfied. One of the most high-profile changes this year has been the refurbishment of Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley, a two-Michelin starred restaurant in Knightsbridge that recently reopened simply as Marcus.

Beef at Marcus Restaurant at The Berkeley in London


Lady at Fera at Claridge’s

One of the best and worst things about living in London is the constant stream of new restaurant openings. I could spend every day going to one new restaurant after another and still not get to all of them. While this phenomenon keeps things exciting, it also makes it hard to keep up. And that’s why it’s nice to know which are actually worth a visit. Like Fera, the new restaurant at Claridge’s in London.

Lobster at Fera Restaurant at Claridge's in London


Lady’s Guide to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

I’ve wanted to go to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships since I was five. My family traveled to London that summer and spent part of every afternoon watching the tennis at Wimbledon on TV. I was obsessed, and vowed to go in person someday. This week I finally got my chance, and now I bring you A Lady in London’s guide to Wimbledon.

Tennis at Wimbledon


Lady’s Map of London

Today I’m excited to launch something new on the A Lady in London blog: an interactive map of London’s neighborhoods! Given how many I’ve written about, I thought it would be helpful to put them all together in one place. Each neighborhood and my relevant blog posts are pinpointed, making it easy to get an idea of where everything is.


Lady at Helene Darroze Restaurant

There’s a secret bar in Mayfair. No, it’s not a private members club. It’s practically hidden in plain sight. The Champagne Room at The Connaught hotel is tucked away down an unassuming passage, and with only three tables and no sign, it’s easy to miss. But it’s worth a visit, if for no other reason than a postprandial drink after lunch at Helene Darroze.

Cocktail at the Connaught in London


Lady at Hampton Court Palace

There’s nothing more English than a garden. When I first moved to London, I became obsessed with the idea of growing all kinds of things in my back yard, from green peas to summer roses. But my travel schedule got in the way, and I decided to leave gardening to the experts. This week some of those experts opened the brand new Royal Kitchen Garden at Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace.

Royal Kitchen Garden at Hampton Court Palace


Lady in Whitechapel

I’m not sure I’m in the right place. The building looks abandoned and the giant green doors are covered in graffiti. But when I peer around the corner, I find myself looking into the achingly hip interior of the new Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger in Whitechapel. And the restaurant isn’t the only thing in the neighborhood that’s hidden behind a less than obvious exterior. In fact, all of Whitechapel feels like a secret waiting to be discovered.

Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger Restaurant in Whitechapel, London


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