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Lady in Val Thorens

When I was a child, I wanted nothing more than to ski in the Alps. I imagined traveling to a romantic and sophisticated land where chic women in fur-hooded onesies skied effortlessly down the mountains while speaking perfect French and sipping Swiss hot chocolate. I wanted so much to be one of those women, and now I am…

French Alps in Val Thorens


Lady in Tignes

It’s no secret that this year’s ski season in the French Alps hasn’t had the snowiest start. While most resorts are open, many aren’t operating at full capacity yet. But even with less snow than normal, there is still a lot to do in places like Tignes.

French Alps in Tignes


Lady in Courchevel

I haven’t skied in nine years. In fact, I haven’t skied outside of California. But skiing in the French Alps has been on my to-do list forever, and now that I’m in Courchevel I finally have my chance. The only problem is that I’m afraid I won’t remember how.

Courchevel Village


Lady in Artistic Paris

Paris Fashion Week starts today. I was in the city over the weekend, and big preparations were underway. But fashion isn’t the only kind of art in Paris, and my trip to the City of Light focused as much on other kinds of art as it did on the upcoming catwalk shows. In fact, my time there was artistic all around.

Eiffel Tower in Paris


Lady in Lyon

If Paris is the heart of France, Lyon is the stomach. The city in the southeast is best known for food, which ranges from delightfully smelly cheese to the famous quenelle, a lighter-than-brioche savory puff pastry. Given my equally strong loves of France and food, traveling to Lyon is high on my to-do list.

Lyon Skyline


Lady Falls in Love with Paris

If you were single and Valentine’s Day was right around the corner, what would you do? If you were me, you would travel to the most romantic city in the world. Not because you’re a glutton for punishment, but because there’s no better place to find love than in the city that inspires it most: Paris.

Sculptures in the Tuileries in Paris


Lady in the Dordogne Valley

Her name is Rosabelle. She is a beautiful young blonde with big brown eyes and an energy befitting her age. She greets me with a smile, and, this being France, a kiss. Then we get down to business. I have traveled to the Dordogne Valley for an important reason, you see, and our work cannot be delayed. The season only lasts three months, and Rosabelle, a trained truffle hunting dog, has just the nose to sniff out the black diamonds as quickly as possible.

Sarlat, France


Lady in Giverny

I love Paris. I could spend the rest of my life there. I would never tire of the beautiful architecture, delicious food, and world-class art. But while seeing Monet’s water lilies on canvases in the Musee d’Orsay and Musee Marmottan is one thing, seeing them in person on a Giverny day trip from Paris is another.

Boat in a pond in Monet's Gardens in Giverny France


Lady on the Right Bank

Paris’ Right Bank is synonymous with the establishment. From the Elysee Palace to the elegant shops on Rue du Faubourg St Honore, it represents all things traditional. In a city with as much history and culture as Paris, tradition can often mean great things.

Eiffel tower as seen from a room at the Shangri-La hotel in Paris France


Lady on the Left Bank

Paris is a competitive city. The fierce rivalry between Paris’ Left Bank and Right Bank dates back a long way. The former is known for its artistic, bohemian ways. The latter, being more upscale, is a bastion of the establishment.

Cafe on Paris' Left Bank


Lady Dines at Hotel Le Bristol

With all of the spa treatments, Louvre tours, and personal shopping appointments we enjoyed on our press trip to Paris’ Hotel Le Bristol, my fellow travelers and I worked up quite an appetite. Lucky for us, the hotel had no shortage of high-end cuisine on offer. Even luckier, the staff was incredibly generous in inviting us to experience all of the various culinary options.

Hotel Le Bristol Restaurant Gastronomique breakfast in Paris France


Lady and the Parisian Personal Shopper

My press trip to Hotel Le Bristol in Paris continued to impress. The after-hours tour of the Louvre was amazing, and I couldn’t wait to see what other unique experiences the hotel could offer its guests. I didn’t have to wait long. The following day we were scheduled to meet with a personal shopper who would take us all over the Right Bank. Lacking any talent in the shopping department, I was excited to have an insider’s help in finding the best boutiques in Paris.

Palais Royal in Paris France


Lady and the After-Hours Tour of the Louvre

As my press trip to Hotel Le Bristol continued, I didn’t think there could be anything more impressive outside of the hotel than inside. How could they top the gorgeous suites, the excellent cuisine, and the relaxing spa treatments? By giving us access to things we couldn’t get on our own, that’s how. This came in several forms, the first of which was a private after-hours tour of the Louvre. Normally reserved for the hotel’s VIP guests, we were the first press group to experience this luxury firsthand.

Room in the Louvre on a private tour in Paris France


Lady at Le Bristol

A week ago I received an email inviting me on a press trip to Paris. Given my love for the city, it I didn’t hesitate to accept. But even if the trip hadn’t been to Paris, I would have jumped at the chance to go. Why? It was a press trip to Hotel Le Bristol, one of Paris’ top five-star hotels, and one of the only European family-owned hotels of its caliber in the city. With a three Michelin starred restaurant, an amazing spa, and gorgeous decor, I couldn’t wait to experience the hotel first-hand.

Staircase at Hotel Le Bristol in Paris France


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