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Lady’s 9 Best Views of London

London is evolving. When I moved here seven years ago, the skyline was limited. The London Eye, Gherkin, and St Paul’s Cathedral were pretty much all that punctuated a low-lying architectural landscape. But not long after I landed, a flurry of construction began that has changed the skyline irrevocably. From the Shard to the Cheese Grater, these new buildings not only have quirky names, but also great views. One of them just opened its new Sky Garden to the public, and all of London is racing to the top. But it’s not the only place that offers sweeping panoramas, and today I bring you A Lady in London’s 9 best views of London—the last one will surprise you!

View of London from the London Eye


Lady at a McQueen Exhibition Afternoon Tea

The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A has won London’s heart. Barely open a week, the show—the first and largest retrospective of the fashion designer’s work to be held in Europe—has had Londoners queuing, tweeting, and drooling over McQueen’s tartan and tulle since before it launched. As someone that loves food over fashion, I found a great way to experience the excitement: a McQueen exhibition afternoon tea followed by a trip to see his work.

Mc Queen Exhibition Afternoon Tea in London


Lady in Chiswick

It’s spring in Chiswick. The camellias are pink with promise, and along the Thames the boat house doors are opening for rowing practice. Golden crowned daffodils grace the gardens around the neighborhood, all in celebration of a new season.

Doors in Chiswick, London


Lady Sees Signs of Spring in London

Is it just me, or has the weather been strange this winter? The east coast of the US is buried under snow, California is experiencing a drought, and London is having a relatively mild time of it. But even with above freezing temperatures in the UK, my inner San Franciscan struggles with winter. Which is why I’m excited that March is here and I’m seeing signs of spring in London.

Spring Crocuses in London


Lady’s 14 Most Romantic Places in London

Last year in the run-up to Valentine’s Day I wrote about the most romantic travel destinations in the world. This year I’m bringing it home to Blighty to share my secrets about the most romantic locations in London. From the restaurant that will inspire love to the perfect spot for a kiss, here’s my list of the 14 most romantic places in London, just in time for February 14th…

Pink Mews House in London


Lady’s Picks for Eating near London’s Top Attractions

When I first moved to London, I couldn’t get enough of the sightseeing trail. From the Houses of Parliament to the British Museum, I wanted to see everything. But sightseeing is exhausting, and inevitably I found myself hungry. Not knowing any better, I usually found a touristy restaurant with disappointing food, only to discover that there was a great place nearby that I didn’t know about. To help you avoid my pitfalls, today I bring you A Lady in London’s guide to the best places to eat near London’s top attractions.

British Museum in London


Lady Rides the Waterloo & City Line

If I ever have to leave the UK, there are a few things I would want to do before I go. I have a London bucket list, and it includes everything from exploring new London neighborhoods to indulging in more afternoon teas. But there’s one thing I’m always surprised I haven’t checked off my list yet: riding the Waterloo & City line of the London Underground.

Tube Station in London


Lady at Enoteca Rabezzana

One of the things I miss most about living in San Francisco is the wine bars. In the same way that London has a pub on every corner, San Francisco has a wine bar on every street. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pub. But sometimes it’s nice to swap cider for wine and thousand-year-old carpet for fresh wood floors and wall-to-wall windows. Like at Enoteca Rabezzana, a new wine bar in the City of London.

Enoteca Rabezzana Wine Bar in London


Lady at the Spa and Afternoon Tea at The Landmark

The only thing I love more than afternoon tea in London is a trip to the spa and afternoon tea in London. I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold January day than indoors getting a massage and indulging in sweet treats and comforting tea. So today I’m doing just that at The Landmark London hotel in Marylebone.

Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel in London


Lady Cooks with a Michelin Starred Chef

What would you do if a Michelin starred chef called your risotto “perfect”? Would you do a dance? Blush? Quit your day job and go to culinary school? I’m asking because this is happening to me right now and I don’t know what to do. I’ve traveled to Berkshire to attend a one-day cooking class with a Michelin starred chef at The Woodspeen near Newbury, and he has just fallen in love with my risotto.

The Woodspeen Cooking School in Newbury, Berkshire


Lady in Belgravia

It’s the new year. Time for new beginnings, new year’s resolutions, and fresh starts. I’ve had a few fresh starts over the years, and when I moved to London I started in Belgravia.

Belgrave Square in Belgravia, London


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