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Lady at a Jubilee Afternoon Tea

After ten days of traveling in Peru and Bolivia, I landed in London ready to settle back into my life at home. Unfortunately, I only had one day to do so before leaving for a trip to Iceland. So what did I do with my sole day in the UK? I did the most quintessentially British thing I could think of: I went to afternoon tea.

Sweets at afternoon tea at the Andaz hotel on Liverpool Street in London England


Lady at Andaz

After my foodie trip to Madrid, I decided I needed to cut back on my calorie consumption for at least a day. Then I remembered that I had been invited by Travel Onion to attend a dinner at the Andaz Hotel in London. Located right next to Liverpool Street station, the hotel had no fewer than four restaurants and two bars, and I was offered a chance to sample a bit from each of them. With that much food and drink involved, I couldn’t say no.

Lobby of the Andaz Hotel in London