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Lady in Lima

Not many people like Lima. When I told my friends that I was traveling to Peru, they all advised me to skip the capital. From what they said, Lima sounded like a dangerous place with nothing to do and see. But I’ve heard the same thing about other cities, and I’ve never found it to be true. I had a feeling that Lima would impress me. And it did.

Boats in the harbor in Lima Peru


Lady in La Paz

The drive from Lake Titicaca to La Paz, Bolivia is one of the most adventurous I’ve ever experienced. Leaving the town of Copacabana, the road winds through thick green hills and along sapphire waters until it reaches a point where there should be a bridge. But there isn’t. There is only a wide stretch of water with no way to get across. So what did I do?

Bus ferries on the river en route from Copacabana to La Paz Bolivia


Lady on the Island of the Sun

It was cold in Bolivia. As my bus wound its way around Lake Titicaca, rain spat at the windows and wind whipped across the roof. Gone was my sunny day on the floating islands in Peru. I was entering a new country en route to the famous Isla del Sol, and I was beginning to think that that when the Incas named the Island of the Sun they were playing a cruel joke on the world.

Woman on the Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia


Lady on the Floating Islands

I wasn’t feeling well when I arrived in Puno. Food poisoning rendered me useless when I got off the plane in Juliaca, which was the nearest airport to the Peruvian city on Lake Titicaca. But I was in Puno for one reason, and not even illness could stop me from seeing what I traveled all the way there to see: the fabled floating islands.

Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca near Puno Peru


Lady in the Sacred Valley

After two lovely days in Machu Picchu, it was time to head back to Cuzco. But when my train arrived at Ollantaytambo station in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, I still had one thing left to do: meet one of the town’s most important organizations.

Yarn at the Awamaki store in Ollantaytambo Peru


Lady in Machu Picchu Town

Most visitors to Machu Picchu don’t see much beyond the famous Inca site. But the town itself has some hidden gems, and after an excellent day of exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu, I set out to discover what else the small Peruvian town had to offer.

Chess set with llamas in Machu Picchu Peru


Lady in Machu Picchu

I know exactly how long I’ve wanted to travel to Machu Picchu. One of my childhood Spanish teachers was from Peru, and in addition to teaching us his country’s language, he awed us with stories about its culture. When I was in 6th grade, he showed us a video about the Inca Empire that inspired me to travel to the famous ruins in Peru someday. That day came on Saturday.

Machu Picchu in Peru


Lady in the Land of the Incas

Cuzco isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most people that travel in Peru use the city as a quick stopover point on their way to Machu Picchu. Admittedly, I may have been one of those people. But when I arrived in the former capital of the Inca empire, I discovered that there is much more to Cuzco than I ever imagined.

Women selling handicrafts in Cuzco Peru


Lady in the Peruvian Amazon

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the jungle lately. Last month I traveled to Brunei, where I explored the rainforests of Borneo. This month it’s South America, where I just started a trip to Peru with a visit to Puerto Maldonado in the famous Amazon region.

Canoes in the Amazon in Peru


Lady of 2011

2011 has been a big year of travel for me. While I didn’t set any specific goals for the year like my 2008 goal to visit 25 countries or my 2010 goal to visit 10 new countries, I did start my 90 under 30 Travel Project. I also managed to make it to quite a few places. Here is the recap.

Torres del Paine National Park in Chile


Lady Gives a 90 under 30 Travel Project Update

Four months ago I set myself an ambitious travel goal: to visit 90 countries before my 30th birthday. Since I announced the 90 under 30 Travel Project, I have worked my way up to 82 countries and have four more months to visit the remaining eight.

Dye cones in Marrakech Morocco


Lady in Rio de Janeiro – Part II

Rio de Janeiro reminded me of somewhere. The only problem was that I couldn’t decide exactly where that somewhere was. Every part of the city was reminiscent of another place to which I had traveled, whether it was in Asia, Europe, the USA or elsewhere. This was particularly evident on the second day of my Rio de Janeiro tour in Brazil, when I had a chance to explore some of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

Palm trees in the botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro Brazil


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