Lady Celebrates 150 Years of Swiss Winter Travel

There’s nothing like an anniversary to get me excited to travel. This year Switzerland is celebrating 150 years of winter tourism, and to commemorate the milestone and get excited for ski season in the Alps, I made a video from my trip to St Moritz in February. I hope it gets you as excited about your upcoming winter travels as I am about mine!


Lady in Spitalfields

With Scotland voting for independence this week, devolution is a hot topic in the UK. And according to survey results published in the Evening Standard, 20% of Londoners think the city could even be its own country. The figure rises to 44% among 25 to 34-year-olds. Now that I have British citizenship and can actually vote, I’m wondering if I would support independence for London, because sometimes the city feels so big it’s overwhelming. London’s neighborhoods emanate endlessly from the Thames, and each one is so unique that the country of London would have many cities. If that were the case, one of the best would be Spitalfields.

Spitalfields Market in London


Lady at Gymkhana

It’s not every year that an Indian restaurant wins Restaurant of the Year in the UK’s National Restaurant Awards. But this year is that year, and Gymkhana restaurant in London’s Mayfair is the first Indian restaurant to claim the prestigious title. This week I have the opportunity to go there, and I can’t wait to see if the restaurant lives up to the hype.

Biryani at Gymkhana Restaurant in London


Lady Shops the SkyMall

Americans love malls. I never realized how true this was until I moved to London and developed a strange craving for heavy air conditioning and food court cuisine (can we call it cuisine?). Last week in San Francisco I didn’t get a chance to visit my favorite mall, but things looked up on my flight to San Diego, when I rediscovered the best mall in America: the SkyMall.

Horton Plaza Mall in San Diego


Lady in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter

“What kind of people do you think lived in the original Gaslamp Quarter?” my guide asks. Erm, prostitutes? San Diego has always been a port city, and where there are sailors…well, you know. Apparently this is the correct answer. The guide proceeds to talk about the Gaslamp’s salacious history, which is fitting for an area that is home to San Diego’s best nightlife.

Horton Plaza in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter


Lady’s Exciting Upcoming Events

Happy September! The August bank holiday has passed in the UK, and things are back to business as usual after Labor Day weekend in the US. Europeans are heading home from summer holidays, and students are back to books. I just arrived in London after visiting family in California, and in the spirit of the new season, I’m excited to share about some upcoming autumn events.

Autumn in Hampstead Heath


Lady’s Summer at Lake Tahoe

I’ve brought the apocalypse to California. On Saturday I woke up to an earthquake in San Francisco, and on Monday I encountered flash flooding in the Sierra Nevada mountains that delayed the opening of the famous Burning Man festival. Given that the end of the world may be at hand, I’m taking what could be my last chance to travel on a summer getaway to California’s best kept secret: Lake Tahoe.

Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, California


Lady Learns the British Tea Culture

It’s hard to find a proper cup of tea in San Francisco. I’m here visiting family, and every time I try to get a cuppa, it’s not quite the same as it is in the UK. Which is funny, because I never drank much tea when I lived here. In fact, I had a lot to learn about British tea culture when I first moved to London. It’s a (very embarrassing) story from my early expat life…

Tea in London


Lady at London’s Hidden Museums

Summer seems to have left London. The last couple weeks have been stormy and cool, and my winter clothes have started to make their way to the front of my closet. With the all the rain, I’ve been taking cover in London’s museums, particularly the smaller ones. I never realized how many museums are hidden around the city, but it’s been amazing to discover them.

V&A Museum of Childhood in London


Lady in Vauxhall

There are good neighborhoods in London, and there are great ones. There are not-so-nice neighborhoods, trendy ones, and quirky areas with lots of personality. And then there’s Vauxhall.

Goats at Vauxhall City Farm in London


Lady Turns Seven

Today is the seven-year anniversary of the A Lady in London blog! It’s hard to believe I wrote my first post so long ago, but it’s great to look back on how far things have come.

A Lady in London


Lady’s Favorite Afternoon Teas in London

It’s Afternoon Tea Week! This week London is celebrating all things afternoon tea, and in honor of the occasion I bring you my list of the best afternoon teas in London.

Afternoon Tea at the Corinthia in London


Lady in London Bridge

The view from the Shard is like no other in London. The 72nd floor observation platform is the highest in the city, and from up here London resembles a sprawling toy town. The trains and boats are Brio, Tower Bridge is a miniature model, and even the Gherkin—London’s most famous skyscraper—is dwarfed. I can’t take my eyes off the view, especially that of London Bridge.

View from the Shard in London


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