Lady’s Guide to Summer in San Francisco

It’s sweltering in San Francisco. Normally I wouldn’t be surprised by heat in summer, but this city is anything but normal when it comes to the weather. In fact, one of the most famous quotes is “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” It’s usually foggy here in July, but San Francisco surprises sometimes, and you have to be ready for anything. Which is why, as a native, I’m going to share with you A Lady in London’s guide to summer in San Francisco.

Foggy Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


Lady’s 12 Best Riverside Pubs in London

It’s summer in London, which means two things: everyone wants to be outdoors, and everyone wants to head to the pub on sunny afternoons. Fortunately for us, there are places that combine the two quite well. Foremost among them are the city’s waterfront pubs. In celebration, today I bring you A Lady in London’s guide to the 12 best riverside pubs in London. Here they are, from east to west…

The Dickens Inn Pub, London


Lady on Snapchat

Special announcement today: A Lady in London is on Snapchat! I’m excited to be expanding to a new social media platform, and am looking forward to sharing my adventures in London and travels abroad with you. I can’t wait to follow yours, too!

A Lady in London Snapcode


Lady in London’s Secret Gardens

One of the great things about London is its abundance of green spaces. Every few streets there’s a park or garden, and in the city center we’re never far from Hyde Park or Regent’s Park. But while the big parks are popular, it’s the secret gardens in London that get my attention. And I’m not talking about the private ones that are only open to surrounding residents. I’m talking about the ones that are open to everyone, if we only know how to find them. And here’s where they are…

Garden in London


Lady in South End Green

I didn’t think summer would visit London this year. After a chilly May it seemed the sun would never come and play. But things warmed up in June and by July 1st we saw record-breaking temperatures in the capital. Now that it’s officially summer, Londoners are spilling outdoors and refusing to go back inside. And one of the best places to go in the summer is a hidden little London neighborhood called South End Green.

Garden Gate Pub, South End Green, London


Lady on Greece’s Costa Navarino

All eyes are on Greece this week. The financial crisis has made headlines on a daily basis, and the country’s economic future is up in the air. But before the Grexit fears, Greece chalked up thousands of years of mythical history, cultivated amazing heritage, and developed stunning natural beauty. And while in the short term the country is facing difficult economic times, the country remains a great place to travel. Trust me. I was there last weekend.

The Romanos Resort in Costa Navarino, Greece


Lady at Pop Brixton

Pop-ups are trendy in London. From sample sales in Shoreditch to temporary restaurants in Chelsea, the city has taken full advantage of the fleeting nature of Londoners’ attention spans. And one of the newest and most exciting pop-ups of all is Pop Brixton.

Pop Brixton


Lady Interviews Wolfgang Puck

There’s nothing like a trip to London’s food markets to inspire me to eat well. But when I get to visit with a celebrity chef, I’m even more enthusiastic. Last week I had the opportunity to explore Borough Market with Wolfgang Puck, one of the world’s most famous chefs. Visiting with him was an even bigger treat than the food. Here’s how it went…

Wolfgang Puck


Lady at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

This week is a big one for the English summer social season. Wimbledon started yesterday, Henley begins tomorrow, and today holds a special opening of its own: the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the show, which attracts 150,000 visitors and covers a vast area next to the famous royal residence. It’s the world’s largest flower show, and yesterday I got a sneak peek. Here’s what’s in store…

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show


Lady Goes Hipster in Brooklyn

Just when I think east London’s hipster scene gives New York’s some serious competition, I discover a mayonnaise shop in Brooklyn. Yes, a shop that sells only mayonnaise. Shoreditch may have a cat cafe and Brick Lane a cereal cafe, but there’s nothing quite so hipster as Empire Mayonnaise in Clinton Hill.

Brooklyn, New York


Lady’s Guide to a Wedding in the Hamptons

There’s nothing more New York than summering in the Hamptons. Every Friday the trains, buses, and roads swell with well-heeled locals heading out of Manhattan into Long Island, filling beach houses from Westhampton to Montauk. This weekend I’m traveling with them for a very special occasion: a wedding in Southampton. And because every self-respecting lady in London should know how to do such an event, today I bring you a guide to attending a wedding in the Hamptons.

Wedding in Southampton, New York


Lady’s 14 Best London Markets

Just when I think I know every London market, I discover a new one. This city has an endless variety of them, from farmers’ markets to vintage markets, and there are more popping up all the time. I recently discovered the South Kensington Tuesday Farmers’ Market at Imperial College, a great little food market with plenty of green space for picnics. Being there inspired me to write about my favorite markets in the city, and today I bring you A Lady in London’s guide to the 14 best London markets.

Portobello Market in London


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