Lady in Qatar Airways’ Business Class

I don’t often get excited to fly. As a professional travel blogger, I spend half my life on planes. The experience can be mundane at best, stressful at worst. But when I’m traveling on the inaugural scheduled flight of a brand new A380, it’s a different thing all together. Especially when there’s business class involved.

Sculpture in Doha, Qatar


Lady in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos. The name of these islands conjures images of another world, a place where exotic animals live without fear of human contact. Pristine beaches are home to swimming iguanas and impossibly colorful crabs, and sea lions surf in the turquoise waves.

Sea Lion in the Galapagos


Lady at Mashpi Lodge

Mashpi Lodge is magical. Traveling to Ecuador’s cloud forest, I’m amazed at the changes in landscape. From urban chaos in Quito to dry desolation at the equator, the road winds into the mountains and reveals a misty forest full of birds and butterflies.

Hummingbird in Mashpi Reserve in Ecuador


Lady in Quito

I thought Quito would be an afterthought. Just another Andean capital. Ecuador has long been on my list of countries to travel to, but the Galapagos Islands were the main reason. But now that I have two days in Quito, I’ve started to realize that the city has a lot more to offer than I imagined.

Church of San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador


Lady at Bob Bob Ricard

There’s nothing like a press-for-champagne button to get me excited about a night out in London. While said buttons can be found at a few restaurants around the city, the ones at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho have always been my favorites. And now that Bob Bob Ricard has opened a Club Room for dining and champagne-fueled entertainment, I can’t resist a trip back to press the button again.

Bob Bob Ricard Club Room in London


Lady at the Columbia Road Flower Market

When I go to the markets in London, I’m usually looking for food. From Broadway Market to Borough Market, Maltby Street Market to the Marylebone Farmers’ Market, I love browsing through the bright colors and fresh produce. But there’s one London market that doesn’t focus on food that still gives me the same feeling of excitement: the Columbia Road Flower Market.

Columbia Road Flower Market in London


Lady’s New Camera – and How to Get a Deal!

Exciting news: I got a new camera! After using the same digital SLR for over four years, I finally bought a Canon 5D Mark III in Hong Kong. It’s an amazing camera, and since so many of you have told me that you love the photography on the A Lady in London blog, I’m excited to share even better photos with you! If you want tips on how to get a good deal on a camera, read on…

Canon 5D Mark III Camera


Lady in the Mews

Before I moved to London, I associated the city with its major monuments. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul’s Cathedral were the first things I thought of when the word “London” came to mind. But ever since I moved here, I’ve come to appreciate the city’s more subtle highlights. In particular, the mewses.

Kynance Mews in London


Lady Eats in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s food scene is hot right now. The local markets and restaurants are buzzing, and there are endless options for dim sum and afternoon tea. Three famous British chefs—Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Jason Atherton—have all opened restaurants here in the last few months, and New York’s Carbone just launched a sister location in Central. Given I’m willing to travel for food, I’m here to find the best places to eat in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Skyline


Lady at Maltby Street Market

There’s a problem with London’s markets. The best of them have become victims of their own success, getting so crowded on the weekends that it’s hard to move, let alone breathe. Borough Market, London’s most beloved food market, is a prime example. But just down the road is another market that has the best of Borough without all the crowds: Maltby Street Market.

Maltby Street Market


Lady Celebrates 150 Years of Swiss Winter Travel

There’s nothing like an anniversary to get me excited to travel. This year Switzerland is celebrating 150 years of winter tourism, and to commemorate the milestone and get excited for ski season in the Alps, I made a video from my trip to St Moritz in February. I hope it gets you as excited about your upcoming winter travels as I am about mine!


Lady in Spitalfields

With Scotland voting for independence this week, devolution is a hot topic in the UK. And according to survey results published in the Evening Standard, 20% of Londoners think the city could even be its own country. The figure rises to 44% among 25 to 34-year-olds. Now that I have British citizenship and can actually vote, I’m wondering if I would support independence for London, because sometimes the city feels so big it’s overwhelming. London’s neighborhoods emanate endlessly from the Thames, and each one is so unique that the country of London would have many cities. If that were the case, one of the best would be Spitalfields.

Spitalfields Market in London


Lady at Gymkhana

It’s not every year that an Indian restaurant wins Restaurant of the Year in the UK’s National Restaurant Awards. But this year is that year, and Gymkhana restaurant in London’s Mayfair is the first Indian restaurant to claim the prestigious title. This week I have the opportunity to go there, and I can’t wait to see if the restaurant lives up to the hype.

Biryani at Gymkhana Restaurant in London


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